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Laurie Ferris has been hand knitting since her son was six months old, and that was more years ago than she cares to admit. She and her husband, as well as her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and 24 chickens live in Windsor, VT.

Jennifer Kortfelt has a full time knitting business. She has taught at Country Woolens in Lebanon, NH., does consignment and test knitting. Some of Jennifer's pieces are featured in the shop. Jennifer is a very accomplished knitwear designer as well and resides in Norwich, VT.

Lois Miller has been knitting for many years, she is a talented knitter and knitwear designer. She offers finishing  for customers and teaches privately.

Valerie Martin lives in Lebanon, NH with her significant other and her two teenage children. She has been crocheting for four years and has recently finished creating her first pattern. Valerie is active on Ravelry and has a passion for making crocheted clothing. Besides crochet Valerie enjoys reading, motorcycling, and sailing.

Cally Lavigne  "When I started knitting, needles were straight and metal, and yarn meant wool.
Decades later, I still prefer classic patterns and wool, but I can’t resist trying out anything new:
new techniques, new tools, new fibers. I now know some techniques that work and a whole lot
more that don’t. After a career in education, I am relishing opportunities to teach knitting instead
of history and biology. I especially enjoy exploring all the various ways of doing something that
knitting offers."

Kristin Husher started knitting when she was four. She wasn’t a very good knitter at four, but she was
always interested in sticks and strings. Kristin loves learning something new with each knitted project, and
this has led her all the way to fiber production.

She loves sock knitting, designing knitwear, fair isle (loves colors, all colors), lace, cables, and making
things that fit well. She has a huge yarn and fiber stash, tons of needles, drop spindles, spinning wheels,
carders,  and dye pots. Some people might say the fiber affection borders on hoarding, but you can still
navigate through each room of the house.

Another passion is reading and collecting knitting books. She can provide a list of must have books for
the knitter as well as several excellent online resources.

Linda Vermont Bead Studio(owner) and I have been collaborating since I came on the block, she has welcomed me with open arms. Our collaboration is due in part to our philosophy of supporting one another, but also the natural synergy between our two crafts. Together we offer you the opportunity to explore bead and yarn, and create beautiful things.

Class Prices (min 6 - max 15 people)
Classes Single 3 or more
2 hours $25 $20 each

Workshops Single 3 or more
3hours + $35 $30 each

Camps Single 3 or more
3-4 consecutive weeks meant to be attended as a whole unit- not individually
$125 $100 each 
10% discount on all supplies for the class!

Please Note! All bead classes will be held at the Vermont Bead studio around the corner at 83 Gates St. 

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Knit Night every Tuesday and Thursday night from 4-8 pm

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