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White River Yarns
    Knitting the Community Together 
      2nd Annual Destash Sale
Saturday, May 30th

For many of us, we are in the midst of a Holy weekend. Regardless of our faith, life sometimes make us stop and think about so many things. I have paused this holiday to be grateful. Everything in my life is not perfect. I grieve with family and friends over loss, sickness, addiction, finances, broken relationships, stress and many more things that weigh us down. But this I know for sure, I am not alone and I am never forsaken. I have been provided a family and a community of dear friends and I am forever grateful.

But as we ponder our own lives, let us step back and look at those around us. Many have trials about which we know nothing as they walk among us. Each of you, I know, care about others, and I know that because you are always making something for a loved one, friend or acquaintance.

This year we are so excited to have chosen Second Growth in White River to be the recipient of the funds raised from the sale. I met with Executive Director, Barbara Farnsworth, who made me even more excited as she shared the tremendous work done by Second Growth. Please join me as we set out to make a difference in the lives of adolescents in our community. Every donation will make the difference.

2nd Annual Destash Sale

May 30, 2015

9am – 3pm

Hotel Coolidge

Drop Off Dates          May 19th-28th

What can you donate?

Fabric                Zippers               Lace                            Ribbon             Patterns           Trims              Snaps                       Velcro                 Buttons        Elastic        Tape Measures   Scissors              Interfacing         Bobbins                Needles             Pins                   Cutting Mats                 Rotary Cutter    
in Cushions       Rulers               Batting            Lining               Sewing Machine        Sewing Books  Quilting Books     Upholstery Supplies           Cross Stitch                     Embroidery Crewel

               Anything Else You Can Think Of!

This year we have set the following criteria for donations:


  • All fabric must be separated by the following amounts
    • 1 yard  or less
    • 2yds. to 5yds, 5yds. and up
    • Bolts secured with elastic, cloth or tape (that does not ruin the fabric)
    • Labeled “quilt”, apparel, home decor, costume, etc.
    • Odor free and smoke free


  • Must be in a container (jar, box, tin, etc.)


  • Pins must be in a closed container (safety)

             All items should be put together ready to sell!

Please help us as we try and put together a fantastic sale. The criteria above will make a HUGE difference in the success of the sale.



Join the Upper Valley Knitters Guild

One of the oldest Guilds in the Upper Valley. If you would like to join them to knit, crochet, and learn new techniques, or just come for show and tell, you are sure to enjoy your time with like-minded knitters. They meet the second Wednesday of the month at the Norwich library from 7-9 pm. To hear more about what is happening with the Guild or if you would like a newsletter, contact them via email here.

Join us on:


White River Yarns
49 South Main Street
White River Junction, VT 05001
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